„The stunning quality of the best German Pinots is one of the world’s best kept secret“.*

* Jancis Robinson

The Pinot Noir is the highest quality grape that one can find. Its very thin-skinned berries demand a very sensitive treatment. This is also the reason why only a very few wineries have been successful in producing a world-class Pinot Noir. This is very much where the wheat is separated from the chaff. These days however, the premium wines no longer solely come from Burgundy, but also and especially from Germany.

Our goal is to produce one of the best Pinot Noirs through the use of our (proverbial) concentration.  Year after year. With the help of one of the best-known Pinot Noir producers in Germany: Roland Pfleger, owner of the Jakob Pfleger winery in Herxheim am Berg. His previous leading product “Curator” is regularly listed amongst the most highly valued Pinot Noirs and has often won blind tastings against top competition (including the Burgundy elite). With saXum, the already incredible highly set standard will be pushed to the absolute pinnacle. The wine is named after its location, Felsenberg. In Latin: saXum (because the Romans also produced wine here). And because we strongly believe that the environment and the climate of a particular year exert the greatest influence on the wine, the vintage will form part of the name. Thus, the Pinot Noir 2012 is called saXllum. Likewise the 2013 is called saXIIIum, the 2014 sXIVum, and so on.

Only the best grapes from this prime location, Felsenberg, will be used. This is not a classic vineyard, more a south-facing corridor within the Herxheimer Honigsack location. This geological gem emerged approximately 20 million years ago out of limestone with a large amount of fossilised content. Its tertiary limestone terrain offers the perfect conditions for a world-class, refined, mineral Pinot Noir. Only very high quality French clones are used – these produce very small berries from the barren ground. Whilst Roland Pfleger’s premium product Curator R**** comes from a yield of approximately 30 hl/ha, the unremitting selection process for saXum will mean a drastic reduction to 20 hl/ha in order that there is even less compromise to quality.

The process comprises an extremely selective hand-picking, 1 week of cold stabilisation, a spontaneous open maceration, followed by 24 months of fermentation in the best quality (Rousseau) brand new barrique barrels. Finally the wine matures for a further year in the bottle, before going on sale. Only the best equipment is good enough for us. Best bottles, best corks. All bottles are delivered in branded wooden crates, either as single bottles or in a set of 3.

Roland Pfleger, the winemaker: After studying winemaking and oenology, Roland wanted to spend a year in California to expand his knowledge. However, as a young winemaker in the US, he had the opportunity to build up a brand new business in Michigan and almost faltered right there. Difference of opinion with large international wineries led to the implementation of his own winemaking philosophies, characterised by his Francophile style of winemaking. Ultimately, the passion that he had developed for the enjoyment of large-scale red wines was replaced by the sensitivity required for the production of more sophisticated red wines. The same applied to the cultivation of unusual vine varieties for the Pfalz. He was the first to plant the Chardonnay on the tertiary limestone terrain of his home, pursuing the motto: Whatever flourishes in similar territory in Burgundy, must also be possible here! The barrique barrels that he obtains exclusively from France form an additional link with Burgundy, and of course to the much-loved Pinot Noir as well. Roland is one of the pioneers when it comes to the usage of barrique and Pinot Noirs in Germany.


A few years ago, after Roland made it known within his closest circle that he wanted to rein back, four friends came up with an audition plan and presented him with the suggestion to concentrate solely on Pinot Noir. Therefore, since 2012 Roland has produced the best possible wine from his best location for Pinot Noir, the Herxheimer Felsenberg – exclusively for us.


About the friends – the facilitators: We are four wine enthusiasts who not only came together as a result of our common pastime, but have also made a business out of winemaking along the way, as vintners of different hues. One of us handles rare wines and hosts wine tastings, one exclusively handles magnums, and the others have a large wine shop business as well as direct delivery services.


We are all united by our love of Pinot Noir. And our philosophy: When it comes to wine quality, there are no compromises.

The current 2012 vintage, saXIIum, is strictly limited to a quantity of 300 bottles. All bottles are delivered in a branded wooden case, either singly or in a case of 3.


saXIIum has already proven its potential in several blind tastings and has seen off many of the stars of the Pinot Noir world, some of which are around the €300 price band.


saXIIum is priced at €69 per bottle or €207 for a case of 3, exclusively from saXum GbR, Grosse Seestraße. 57, 60486 Frankfurt am Main.


For a binding order please email order@saxum-wein.de


Please note: The 2012 vintage will be mature for consumption by the end of 2016. It can be stored for at least another 15 years thereafter.

Technical details: 13.5° Alc.; 5.6 g/l acidity, 0.0 g/l residual sugar.

2012 saXIIum

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